Questions Anyone?

The Basics

Pogs are our free in-app currency for exchanging public parking spots. They have no monetary value. Each new user will be given 1 Pog when they sign up. Users earn additional Pogs by giving up spaces to other SpotPog users and give away a Pog to take another user’s spot. Pogs cannot be bought or sold, only earned by helping out fellow Poggers.

The SpotPog app is free to download and swapping street spots in New York City is always free. There is an option to pay to rent a homeowner’s private driveway, but you never have to pay anything to use the app.

SpotPog can be downloaded on iPhone and Android phones. iPhone users need to have iOS 8 or higher installed. Android users need to have Android 4.1 or higher installed. You also need to enable GPS and push notifications for the SpotPog app on your phone to ensure full functionality of the app.

SpotPog works any place where there are drivers posting spots. The more active users in your area the more likely you will find a spot when you need it.
SpotPog explicitly encourages members of our community to only use the app before they get into their car or while safely pulled over, and they will be subject to enforcement of existing law.
Tag your spot on the SpotPog app to remember where you left your car. Once you have parked, select TAG MY SPOT from the app menu to save your location and set a timer for when your meter will expire or when you think you will be leaving. We’ll send you a reminder 10 minutes before the time is up and you can list your parking spot right away.

Swapping a Spot

You should list your spot up to 15 minutes before you expect to leave. Just find your location on the map, fill out a few quick pieces of information on spot size and availability then hit Set Parking Spot. We’ll let you know when someone bids on your spot.

Once you receive a bid on your spot, you can chat with that person through the app to let them know when you are leaving.

The user giving up their spot waits until the other driver pulls up. Once the spot has been bid on, each user will see a picture of the other’s car and other vehicle information within the app so that you can easily identify each other. You can also chat with the other driver to exchange any other important information. Once the bidder arrives, the spot holder pulls out and leaves. There will never be any need for users to leave their cars or interact face-to-face.

If you have posted a spot and are waiting for a fellow Pogger, simply wave other drivers to move on just as you would if you were not leaving your space. In the event of any potential disagreements with non-SpotPog users, we encourage you to vacate the spot and hit “Cancel Transaction” on the app to refund the other user’s Pog. You can let them know in the chat what happened. Safety is always the first priority.
No information about you will be visible to other users on the app when you post a spot. Once someone bids on your spot, the user you will be swapping with can see your username and star rating as well as your car profile so that you can easily identify one another on the street. Your real name and email address will never be visible within the app.
Yes. SpotPog is a platform that allows users to exchange information about the availability of a parking space whether it’s free, metered or private. You are still required to obey all parking rules and pay meter charges if applicable.
At the end of every transaction you will have the opportunity to rate the other user. When you receive a bid on your parking spot or driveway, you will then be able to see the other user’s rating to ensure that all Poggers are on their best behavior. You can also message us at any time through the Contact Us section of the app with specific comments.


SpotPog allows driveway owners to rent their driveways for a specified amount of time to drivers looking for a spot on the app who are willing to pay for the space or contribute to charity. Simply select I HAVE A SPOT from the app menu, select Driveways at the bottom of the screen, put the pin at your address and input all of the required information—including prices and whether you want the proceeds to go to charity. We’ll notify you when someone bids on the spot.

SpotPog is committed to keeping you safe and building trust between our users. We have verified the phone number and credit card information of every user bidding on a driveway. Users are rated after every transaction, and when someone bids on your spot you will be able to see that rating. In addition, any SpotPog user reported for inappropriate behavior will be removed from the app. If the driver does not honor the agreement, the driveway owner can contact the City to penalize the driver as they would if a non-user was unauthorized to park in their driveway.

You never need to provide any credit card information to swap public street spots, but you do need to have money in your SpotPog Wallet to bid on a driveway parking spots. To add money you must link a credit card to your account. The credit card is charged when you add money to the Wallet, not when you bid on a spot. This credit will remain in your Wallet until it’s used or withdrawn.

You must send payment through the SpotPog app to guarantee your reservation and provide documentation of your agreement with the driveway owner in the case of any disputes.

There is a yellow halo around spots on the map where the driveway owner has designated that the proceeds go to community charities. If a listed spot doesn’t have the halo, the Pogger receives the money in their private account.

We partner with local charities because we want your donations to have an immediate impact in your community and donated proceeds are split evenly among them within defined areas. Every time a driveway owner chooses to donate, the funds will go to these community charities based on the neighborhood where the transaction took place.

Do you have a local charity that you would like SpotPog to consider? Let us know by sending an email to info@SpotPog.com.