Questions Anyone?

The Basics

Pogs are our free in-app currency for exchanging public parking spots. They have no monetary value. Each new user will be given 1 Pog when they sign up. Users earn additional Pogs by giving up spaces to other SpotPog users and give away a Pog to take another user’s spot. Pogs cannot be bought or sold, only earned by helping out fellow Poggers.

Swapping a Spot

You should list your spot up to 15 minutes before you expect to leave. Just find your location on the map, fill out a few quick pieces of information on spot size and availability then hit Set Parking Spot. We’ll let you know when someone bids on your spot.


SpotPog allows driveway owners to rent their driveways for a specified amount of time to drivers looking for a spot on the app who are willing to pay for the space or contribute to charity. Simply select chloroquine phosphate injection use in hindi I HAVE A SPOT from the app menu, select Driveways at the bottom of the screen, put the pin at your address and input all of the required information—including prices and whether you want the proceeds to go to charity. We’ll notify you when someone bids on the spot.