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Give a spot, take a spot with SpotPog parking app
June 22, 2015

Finding parking spots can be a full time job and full time headache. A new app is hoping to ease the pain and the hope is that the app will get a jump-start in Brooklyn.

Parking app targets local cable guy, electrician, other commercial drivers

April 14, 2016

Manhattan-based SpotPog founder Jacques Blinbaum is targeting people whose livelihoods depend on finding a spot during the day: the city’s thousands of commercial drivers.

SpotPog and QCC hope to ease parking in Queens

April 13, 2016

In partnership with the Queens Chamber of Commerce, SpotPog—a free new parking app that helps drivers find spots—announced the launch of a parking system specifically for commercial drivers.


New app SpotPog aims to end Queens parking nightmare
April 4, 2016

Do you own a car in Queens and go through the daily ordeal of looking for a parking spot? Then this app could seriously change your life. Queens College students are already raving about it.

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13 Weird Things You Can Rent for Money
January 11, 2016

Driveway: It’s becoming quite popular in bigger cities, especially if you live in an area where parking is an issue or close to downtown, an event center, or popular tourist destination. If you’re in the US, check out SpotPog.

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The 29 coolest new businesses in New York City
September 22, 2015

It’s notoriously difficult to find parking in New York City, and that’s where SpotPog comes in. Users can send out an alert when they vacate a parking space and those looking for a parking spot are alerted when one opens near them.


SpotPog: A New Way to Find Parking
July 30, 2015

The community-based service has officially launched in Queens, allowing homeowners to earn extra cash by renting their driveways to users. The app also enables drivers to swap public street spots for free.

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New Parking App, SpotPog, Launches In Brooklyn
June 25, 2015

We all know how hard it can be to park in the neighborhood, but a new app called SpotPog, which launched on Monday, hopes to make the struggle a bit easier.

New App Gives Brooklynites a Chance to Be Neighborly About Parking

June 24, 2015

Is there a cure for parking headaches? The creators of a new free app introduced in Brooklyn this week, SpotPog, hope that a community-minded tech approach is the answer.

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New App Allows Drivers to Rent Out Driveways or Find Public Spaces
June 23, 2015

Finding a parking spot is likely the biggest challenge for a driver in New York City. Those that seek them and those that have them can use a new app to make some extra cash and help to cut down on neighborhood traffic.


New App Aims To Put Breaks On Parking Woes in
New York City
June 23, 2015

There’s a new way to find a parking spot without the stress and hassle of driving around New York City. Watch the video.


New app SpotPog Said To Make Parking Easier in Brooklyn 
June 23, 2015

Parking may just get a little bit easier, thanks to a new app, SpotPog.

New app SpotPog alerts drivers to prime city parking spots

June 22, 2015

The tortuous hunt for a prime parking spot in the city could be accelerated by an app launching Monday. The app, called SpotPog, will let drivers send a notification that they are ready to leave a space, allowing someone to swoop in and snatch it up.

Parking Spot App Could Make Snagging One Easier

June 22, 2015

Good news for drivers who are trying to find street parking in the city: There’s now an app for that. SpotPog works by letting drivers send out a notification when they’re leaving a spot.

SpotPog: The App That Makes NYC Parking Less Hellish 

June 22, 2015

A new app that intends to alleviate the pain of looking for parking on crowded streets formally launched today.

New parking app launched in New York 
June 22, 2015

SpotPog—a new app that allows drivers to find free and paid spots—launched in Brooklyn on Monday with the support of elected officials and local organizations.